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After the campaign launch with actions in 8 countries on 9 June, there has been a callout to bring the campaign to the streets again on Sunday 20 June, World Refugee Day. Join actions on this day to to bring attention to the EU’s border regime and Frontex’ key role in it.
The ‘Frontex Scrutiny Working Group’ in the European Parliament, which has been investigating the involvement of the agency in pushbacks and violence at the borders, is rounding up its work by then. We know that at best this will lead to some cosmetic changes as long as the militarisation of borders and the turning away of people on the move remain core elements of the EU’s racist migration policies. No extra fundamental rights officers or more monitoring or false pledges to uphold human rights will end Frontex deadly operations. Frontex is building its own police force and is in the process of spending about €5 million on firearms for this ‘Standing Border Guard Corps’. Another profitable opportunity for arms companies who have been so influential in shaping Europe’s border policies.
On 20 June we will make it clear that Frontex and the EU border regime can’t be reformed, they need to be abolished. We are targeting the policies and system that keep Frontex in place. We are working towards the dismantling of the border-industrial complex, and the building of a society where people are free to move and live.
Some simple actions groups have done which you could do in your own city/town, include:         
  • Print and put up posters with our demands to Abolish Frontex and to dismantle Fortress Europe;   
  • Hand out flyers in public spaces and inform people about Frontex’ practices and EU’s militarised border regime;       
  • Do a public reading of the the names on the ‘UNITED list of refugee deathsto commemorate the over 40,000 people on the move who have died since 1993 because of Europe’s deadly border and migration policies.
Let us know what you do so we can help share and amplify local actions.
Any questions or suggestions? Contact us!